With over 20 year of general orthopedic surgery experience, Dr. Novotny has performed thousands of procedures and healed as many patients. Dr. Novotny prides himself as a fixer and enjoys orthopedics because you can address the issue head on.

Since 1998, Dr. Novotny has treated patients who suffer from pain in the shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, and knees. He develops a custom treatment plan for each physician. Learn more about some of the procedures Dr. Novotny performs and some of the most frequently asked questions from his patients following surgery.


Have an upcoming surgery? Learn more about what you need to know before, during, and after your procedure:

Please check out the following videos from the AAOS website to give you a better understanding of what your total hip or total knee replacement surgery will entail.



Q: When do my staples come out?

This will take place 2 weeks after your surgery date and is performed by the physical therapist (if the facility where you are going doesn’t remove staples then just call and set-up an appointment to see one of our techs who will do it for you). *If your incision was glued instead of stapled, there will be NO staples to remove. The mesh overlay on the incision site may gently be removed by using baby oil or lotion 2 weeks after surgery.

Q: When can I get the surgical area wet?

72 hours after surgery, you will be able to shower and cleanse the area, DO NOT fully submerge the area in tubs or pools until your sutures are out and the area is FULLY healed. If your incision was glued, you may shower right away however no soaking in tubs/pools until the incision is well healed.

Q: How long do I take the 81 Aspirin?

Dr. Novotny has his patients take 81mg Aspirin twice daily for 1 month after surgery.  After you may go back to taking an 81 mg Aspirin if you were taking prior to surgery.

Q: When can I drive?

You may drive when you are no longer taking your narcotics (pain medicine) and when you feel safe to drive.

Q: How long will I do physical therapy?

Dr. Novotny leaves that up to you and the therapist depending on how well you are progressing (keep in mind everyone heals/progresses differently).

Q: When can I return to work?

This may depend on your job duties.  Most patients who perform desk/sedentary duties can return to work 4-6 weeks after surgery or sooner in some cases.  If you perform more physical labor, you may need to be off longer than that.

Q: How long will I be in the hospital after surgery?

Typically, most patients stay 24 hours but on occasion will need to stay longer.

Q: Will I see Dr. Novotny prior to my scheduled surgery?

Not typically, once he evaluates you and you set-up a date for your surgery with our surgery scheduler, you will not see him until after your surgery.

Q: Is it ok to exercise before surgery?

Of course!  Our goal is to keep you active and moving even before surgery, as much as your pain allows you to.

Q: When can I fly after surgery?

Dr. Novotny does not allow you to fly for 6 weeks after surgery.