Dr. Novotny can take care of all general orthopedic conditions. However, he primarily treats shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, and knees. Novotny performs many hand surgeries, shoulder scopes, and hip and knee replacements. He enjoys the entire healing process, from the initial meeting with the patient and formulating the diagnosis to fixing their condition with surgery or other necessary means of treatment.

Dr. Novotny has successfully treated thousands of patients throughout the years. He recalls one specific experience where a patient needed a hip replacement and had arthritis in the other hip and needed surgery. The patient had gone to Mayo Clinic, but the issues persisted. After Dr. Novotny completed the surgery, the patient said they had only one complaint. They said, “Your name shouldn’t be “No-votny. It should be Yes-votny.” Another story includes a diabetic patient who had hypertension and was dealing with significant hand pain. Novotny diagnosed the issue, performed successful surgery, and cured him.