Dr. Buffington is the area’s only fellowship-trained podiatrist. He specializes in all foot and ankle conditions. Whether you twisted an ankle playing a sport, dropped a heavy object on your foot, deal with long-lasting pain, or anything in-between, Dr. Buffington is here to care for you!

Dr. Buffington takes a minimally, invasive patient care approach. This way of practicing often leads to a quicker recovery for his patients and helps them get back on their feet. Using up-to-date techniques and evidence-based medicine, he is focused on complete patient care.

Dr. Buffington does not only bring years of foot and ankle experience to Carle MCO, but he is also introducing a custom orthotics program that will allow patients to move more comfortably. Dr. Buffington thinks of custom orthotics as prescription glasses for your feet. Often, they can help keep patients out of the operating room. Many patients find significant relief utilizing this program.

You don’t have to live with foot pain or ankle pain any longer! Schedule an appointment today!