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The 7 Most Common Wrist and Hand Injuries

Injuries to the wrist and hand are very common and can occur due to work-related incidents, sports injuries, falls, and overuse of muscles or joint issues There are a variety of types of wrist and hand injuries, which can prevent you from participating in your daily tasks. It's important to recognize when something is wrong so you can seek treatment. 

1. Sprains: A sprain is the stretching or tearing of ligaments, and wrists and thumbs are two of the most commonly sprained areas. Treatment for sprains can include icing and resting the affected area. However, if the sprain has caused extensive damage, it may require surgery.

2. Fracture: Also known as a broken bone, hands, fingers, and wrists are all susceptible to fractures. A fracture is often accompanied by swelling and bruising, which will cause pain with movement. 

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Also called "median nerve compression," carpal tunnel syndrome occurs because of pressure on your median nerve. It can cause numbness, weakness, or tingling in your hands, 

4. Tendinitis: This is the irritation or inflammation of a tendon. There are six tendons that help move your wrist and even more tendons in your hands, making tendonitis a common condition, causing aching, tenderness, and swelling. 

5. Stenosing Tenosynovitis: This is also known as "trigger finger." With this condition, your fingers may become stuck in a bent position. Common symptoms associated with stenosing tenosynovitis are finger stiffness, tenderness, or a popping sound when you move your fingers. 

6. Carpometacarpal: Often referred to as "thumb arthritis," Carpometacarpal occurs when the cartilage at the base of your thumb wears out, causing the bones to rub together. Symptoms include pain when you pinch or grip, pain at the base of your thumb, limited range of motion, and swelling. 

7. Dislocation: Often caused by traumatic injuries, a dislocation is an injury to your joint that causes bones to be forced out of their normal positions.

The experts at McLean County Orthopedics will treat hand and wrist injuries with the goal of getting you back to pain-free living. If you are struggling with an injury, click schedule an appointment. Same-day appointments are available for sudden injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, sports-related injuries, and other minor orthopedic injuries or problems.Call (309) 663-6461 to schedule a same-day appointment.
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