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The 3 Best Knee Exercises

Exercise may be the last thing you want to do when you're suffering from knee pain, but it actually may benefit you in the long run. Strengthening the muscles around your joints can decrease stress on your knee and protect you from injuries. However, it's essential to focus on proper form and technique, as many movements are helpful but can do more harm than good if performed improperly.

1. Step-Ups

Place one foot on a step bench or platform. Step up and bring your opposite foot up so that you are standing on top of the platform. Step down, alternate your leading foot, and repeat. This move combines a lunge with the action of climbing stairs to target the quadriceps and hamstrings.

2. Straight Leg Raises

Lie flat on your back with one leg straightened and the other bent. Lift your straightened leg and pull your toes toward you while clenching your front thigh muscle. This exercise strengthens the quadriceps without bending the knees.

3. Calf Raises

Find a raised platform such as a stair step or bench. Place your feet on the platform so that your heels are hanging off the edge. Slowly raise and lower your heels. This move places minimal pressure on the knees while strengthening the meniscus.

Remember, exercise should not cause or worsen pain; visit a doctor if you experience severe pain during or after exercise. McLean County Orthopedics' skilled physicians and therapists are here for you. Don't let knee pain interfere with your life. Let us get you back to the life you love! Call today! 309-663-6461

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