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Thankful for Health: Thinking Right When You’re Feeling Wrong

It's easy to exercise and go about your daily activities when you're in good health. But exercise is the first thing we drop when we aren't feeling our best. We often forget how fortunate we are until something starts going wrong. However, when we sprain, pull, tear, or break something, our smiles quickly fade. It can be physically and emotionally frustrating when injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions disrupt daily routine, but this doesn't have to be the case!

This November, it's time to be grateful for our health. Every "body" needs to be taken care of, especially if you're recovering from an injury suffered earlier this year. The following tips can help if you are recovering from a recent injury or medical procedure:

Stay Productive During Recovery 

Switch your attention to something else and choose to be productive during recovery. If you can't walk, don't let that ruin your morning workout. Learn a new skill, focus on upper-body strength or even try some core exercises. If you're feeling like you may be pushing it, staying productive can mean taking a break from your workout to plan a new routine around your injury or even shaking up your diet! 

Realize What You Have Control Over (And Let Go of What You Don't)

 Acknowledge there are some things left entirely out of your control, but also realize that you still have the power to participate in physical therapy or rehab. Get the proper amount of rest, do some research, seek advice from medical experts, and focus on the things you can do (rather than those you can't) to better yourself.

Feed Your Passions and Exercise the Mind

It's common to feel depressed and lazy when you're suffering from an injury. You can prevent this by feeding your other passions. That sport or activity you love can't be the only thing you enjoy. For example, if you like music, start making more of it while you're recovering. You'll be surprised at how much your attitude will change!

Set Recovery Goals for Yourself and Track Each Day

A little challenging work and determination never hurt anybody.Challenge yourself every day, and you might be surprised at how quickly you start to feel better.

Be Thankful; Stay Gracious! 

Most importantly, you should regularly list things you're grateful for. Maintaining a positive and thankful attitude is essential not only for your health but the environment you create. Whether we think so or not, we have the power to uplift and strengthen each other. So, pick your head up! Your smile might help someone else who's struggling.

At McLean County Orthopedics, we offer a variety of services that will help you get back to normal in no time such as general orthopedic care including noninvasive treatment and surgery options, spine and neck care, pain management, sports medicine, adult revisions, and physical therapy and occupational therapy. Our Overtime Injury Clinic also serves to return you to full health. We fully understand the emotional battle involved in the healing process and want to support you in every way we can. Give us a call at 309-663-6461 to schedule an appointment, contact us online, or come into our Overtime Injury Clinic with extended hours. No appointment necessary!

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