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Seeking Stronger Bones?

Have you ever wondered how seriously you should take your bone health? Clair Casagrande, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, recently answered this very question on the air with WJBC radio host, Blake Haas. With interests in pain management, back and neck pain, and interventional pain medicine, Casagrande had much insight to share. Throughout the segment, the two joked that people often think their bone health is nothing more than drinking milk. However, Clair explained, we should "pay attention much earlier in life to how strong our bones are."

At Carle McLean County Orthopedics, Casagrande and her team have further developed the Bone Health Clinic by recommending the screening process to high-risk patients, which provides preventative, proactive support. She described some of these risk factors to listeners: history of fracture(s) in adulthood, family history of osteoporosis, recent falls, certain medications, and smoking. Before this innovative step, only patients older than 65 would have received these screenings. Now, in addition to seniors, young adults also can prioritize their bone health by visiting the clinic.

In addition to extending availability, the Bone Health Clinic serves patients with osteoporosis, when one's bone building decreases and provides less support. During a DEXA scan, pictures are taken of hips, wrist, and the lumbar spine to produce results that allow the CMCO team to effectively care for patients. In fact, referrals are not required to schedule appointments to discuss bone health concerns or determine the need for screening at this clinic.

Thanks to Clair Casagrande and the Bone Health Clinic, more people are now educated as to the risk factors and importance of proactivity. If you would like to discuss your bone health or medical history with the team at the Bone Health Clinic, call (309) 663-6461 today! To hear Clair Casagrande's full interview, click below.

WJBC Interview with Clair Casagrande
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