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Psychology Tips for Pre- and Post-Surgery

Carle McLean County Orthopedics health psychologistDr. Neil Jepson discussed on WJBC's radio interview the importance of your mentality pre- and post-surgery. Having surgery can cause high anxiety, especially if it is something you have never had to do before. It is normal to have anxiety before surgery, but Dr. Jepson explains how you can manage these emotions to help ease your mind.

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed when you have surgery coming up. Dr. Jepson says it is important to recognize and feel your emotions. When you are going into surgery you are giving up control, and that can be very worrisome. It is important to understand that your emotions are normal, but also to recognize why you feel this way. Finding the worst-case scenario and then telling yourself can I manage the worst-case scenario is the best way to feel those feelings and calm down the anxiety of the unknown.

Post-surgery also has its challenges. After having surgery, you may come out with more pain than expected. Once again, you should allow yourself to feel those emotions instead of resisting them because you may not work as hard in physical therapy if you are fighting reality. After surgery, there may also be loss that you have to cope with, and those emotions are very real, and you can't have anyone process them for you or take them away. It is important to trust yourself and to look at the facts instead of emotions.

Dr. Jepson explains how he got through a surgery he had to have. He leaned into his faith and talked about the emotions he was feeling with people who were close to him. He reiterates, "Control the controllables." If you or a loved one are hesitant about surgery coming up or in the middle of recovery, call 309-608-5100 or go to for more information. Hear the full interview below! 

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