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Physical Therapy Month

McLean County Orthopedics is happy to celebrate the month of October as National Physical Therapy Month! Our physical therapy department at MCO implements research-based techniques to improve mobility, reduce pain, and prevent further disabilities. We offer a variety of programs and services dedicated to getting you back to the life you love!

  • Return to Play Program
    • The Return to Play program is perfect for athletes who get hurt while playing the game they love. Athletes with a sports-related injury have the option of a three, five, or seven-month program to ensure a full return to the sport. This program includes access to the wellness center to train and exercise independently and access to the performance center with individual and group professionally-led training. The program also includes the newest methods and technology, such as EMG data, 3D motion analysis, and functional movement system testing.

  • Return to Work Program
    • The Return to Work program is ideal for those who encountered a work-related injury. The program begins with acute therapy and advances to a more extended work conditioning program. We focus on the performance of all work-based tasks such as lift, carry, push, climb, or drag. Physically demanding jobs can have a high risk of physical injury; our patients come from demanding job areas from first responders to construction and everything in between.

  • Aquatic Therapy
    • Our Aquatic Therapy Program is an excellent alternative when patients need less-weight bearing therapy. Water therapy applies less pressure on joints allowing a much easier session. This program is sometimes added to other programs like our Return to Play or post-surgical patients. From the convenient location of our therapy center, your mobility can get back on track.

  • Metabolic Testing
    • Metabolic testing is offered to any patient in our therapy program with injuries from torn ACLs to knee replacements. This testing benefits all types of patients, from knee-replacements to torn ACLs. The test itself is completed on a stationary bike where the heart rate is monitored. During the process, our professionals will collect the information they need to establish patient-specific metabolic goals.

McLean County Orthopedics happily supports our professionals during National Physical Therapy month! If you have an injury and are interested in one of our programs, talk to an MCO professional today at (309) 663-6461! Want to learn more about what our physical therapy has to offer? Check out our featured programs at 

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