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McLean County Orthopedics: We’ve Got School Spirit

The team at McLean County Orthopedics appreciates the opportunity to meet and care for so many of our students, athletes, and teams. We see you when you're broken and strained and have the privilege of helping you heal and get back in the game. While we would love to be in every sports directory, on the back of every shirt, and celebrate with you at every game, we've found that these sporadic efforts don't often result in our ability to make a significant impact in your schools and your lives.

In lieu of this approach, we encourage you and your school to reach out when there is something of high-level significance happening within your district. Perhaps your team is playing for the state championship? Perhaps your coach got a national honor? Or, perhaps your school is building a new gym? Those are exciting moments that we'd like to know about! Our ability to help via sponsorship or involvement is always based on time and dollars available. However, we'll always do what we can to share our community spirit!

If you've got exciting things happening, share them with us through our charitable contributions system on our website. Let us know what's happening!We appreciate you sharing your spirit with us!

Also, remember that our walk-in Walk-In Ortho Care Clinic is available to those suffering from athletic injuries at convenient hours throughout the week. Let us get you back up and running! Come in or call to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff today! 309-663-6461

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