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Healing Tips for a Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankles are one of the most common orthopedic injuries. Over 23,000 people per day seek medical attention for a sprained ankle in the United States alone. Ankle sprains can be minor or they can be severe and require medical treatment. No matter how serious your ankle sprain is, it can be painful and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Here are a few tips to help your sprained ankle heal:

RICE is the acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. And, it is proven to aid recovery. Rest by staying off your ankle while it's healing. You should avoid putting weight on your ankle for the first few days after the injury. Ice can effectively reduce the typical swelling and pain of ankle sprains. Applying ice to the injury multiple times a day will help kick-start the healing process. Wearing compression bandages can also help control the swelling in your ankle. Keep your ankle elevated above your heart to reduce the flow of blood to the sprain.

Epsom salt
After a few days of applying ice consistently to your sprained ankle, you can introduce a warm Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt baths are known for soothing sore muscles and helping reduce stiffness. This is a relaxing way to ease your pain while staying off your ankle.

Properly Wrap Your Ankle
As you start to use your ankle again, it's important to try start slow. Only place minimal weight on the ankle and wrap it properly. If you wrap your ankle too tight, you can restrict circulation, but wrapping it loosely will not offer the support your ankle needs. Here you can see the steps to properly wrapping an ankle after a sprain.

Sprained ankles are an inconvenience for the millions of Americans each year. Remember to give yourself time to heal and always to seek medical treatment if you suspect your ankle been injured. Here at McLean County Orthopedics, we are experts in treating ankles and all other orthopedic care needs. If you have a question about an injury, give us a call today at (309) 663-6461. We can't wait to help you feel like yourself again.
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