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Sports are in Full Swing, What Does This Mean for Concussions?

Concussion Protocol

As sports are picking up around schools across the country, concussion protocols need to be maintained.Dr. Murphy from Carle McLean County OrthopedicsSports Medicine educates listeners on what to look for and how to treat a concussion. He iterates how a concussion is essentially your brain getting knocked around inside the skull. How can we keep at...

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New Procedure to Treat Chronic Tendon Pain!


A new WBJC interview with Carle McLean County Orthopedics Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Jonathan Aubry educated listeners on how the painfulness of tendonitis is prevalent in many people, from adults to athletes. Throughout this segment, Dr. Aubry explains how Percutaneous Ultrasound Tenotomy (PUT) is changing the way we treat tendonitis and tendon...

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3 Most Common Summer Sports Injuries


With warmer temperatures and schools out of session, Central Illinois sports lovers are bound to be playing their favorite games. Unfortunately, with strenuous exercise comes the risk for orthopedic injuries. Here are sports injuries most commonly seen throughout the summer months: 1. Knee Injuries Cycling and running are both enjoyable and benefic...

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Treatment Plans for Active People


Carle McLean County Orthopedics' sports medicine specialist, Dr. Jonathan Aubry, participated in a radio interview broadcasted on WJBC. If you're looking for more information about Dr. Aubry's approach or treatment at Carle McLean County Orthopedics, continue reading as we discuss the typical steps. Dr. Aubry quickly clarified to listeners that his...

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Concussions in Sports


 Originally published in BN Sports Print Publication BVM Sports - One Place All Sports By Alissa Recker, PT, DPT, OCS of McLean County Orthopedics According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that between 1.6 million to 3.8 million people experience a concussion annually while playing recreational activities and 9% of all ...

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Strain or Sprain: What’s the difference?


Summer is right around the corner. More and more people are getting out and being active. After a year of being stuck at home, everyone seems more eager than ever to get moving. All of this sudden increased movement can lead to injuries. When you sustain an injury, how do you know if it is a sprain or a strain? It is hard to know the difference whe...

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Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Elbow

Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Elbow Blog Banner

The name "tennis elbow" can be a bit misleading. Tennis players are not the only ones who commonly suffer from this condition. People whose jobs require them to use tennis-like swinging motions are also susceptible to developing symptoms. These job types can include plumbers, painters, carpenters, and butchers. Tennis elbow is a condition that occu...

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Discovering the 4 Major Joint Pain Causes and Finding Relief


As we go throughout our daily activities, we often forget how much strain we put on our bodies. Normally, we associate joint pain causes with the aging process, but sometimes it can be a signal of a more serious underlying condition. Although this pain is frustrating and uncomfortable, it can lead us to determine what may be wrong internally. Often...

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Achieve Your Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss Goals With the Body Composition Program


MCO is excited to offer community members additional support in achieving their health, fitness, and weight loss goals through the introduction of our Body Composition Program! Your journey with the program begins with our specialized medical team gathering and analyzing data on your body's unique makeup. This information will be gathered through m...

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The Importance of Regular Stretching for Young Athletes


The warm-up is a critical aspect of sports that young athletes seem to forget most often. Whether they rush through the exercises so they can start playing faster or use it as a time to socialize with teammates, neglecting a stretching routine or stretching improperly prior to game time or practices can be harmful to the body. There are many types ...

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4 Surprising Causes of Fall Sports Injuries


It's back to school time, and that means fall sports will also be starting back up. Approximately 30 million children and adolescents in the U.S. participate in an organized sport. However, when it comes to sports, there is always an increased risk for injury, and one-third of all childhood injuries are sports-related. Whether it's cheerleading, fo...

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