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Low Back Pain and Hip Muscle Imbalance in Athletes


Low back pain or LBP is commonly reported in youth and adolescent athletes. LBP is pain that occurs in the region under the ribs to under the glutes and, it may or may not involve leg pain. Incidence rates vary considerably from sport to sport. A sport requiring athletes to do repetitive bending backward, forward, and twisting, have higher incident...

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The Four Reasons You Have Joint Pain and Where to Find Relief


 Joints are what connect your bones to one another. They are crucial to your body's functionality by allowing your bones to move freely. The main joints include the shoulders, hips, elbows, and knees. Many people suffer from joint pain, which can have a tremendous effect on their ability to perform daily activities. Causes Explained Joint pain...

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Discovering the 4 Major Joint Pain Causes and Finding Relief


As we go throughout our daily activities, we often forget how much strain we put on our bodies. Normally, we associate joint pain causes with the aging process, but sometimes it can be a signal of a more serious underlying condition. Although this pain is frustrating and uncomfortable, it can lead us to determine what may be wrong internally. Often...

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7 Tips for Chronic Pain Management


You might not be able to escape pain entirely, but it doesn't have to control your life. We've covered routines that may be causing your pain previously, but what about chronic pain that can be difficult to treat? Here are some helpful tips to improve your chronic pain management:   1. Use Deep Breathing Techniques. Meditate and calm your...

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4 Signs it May Be Time for a Joint Replacement


Are you tired of constant pain in your knees, hips, and shoulders? Have you seemingly tried everything but still can't find relief? Although surgery is often recommended as a last option, it may be the ideal answer to a renewed and pain-free future. If you are experiencing persisting problems including but not limited to the following, it may be ti...

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The Evolution of Joint Replacement


Joint replacement research and pre/post-surgical practices have come a long way in the past few decades, undergoing many changes that have ultimately benefitted patients. Here are several significant changes we've seen so far: 1. More People are Receiving Joint Replacements Joint replacement has proved to be one of the most profitable and effective...

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What’s the Difference Between Chronic and Acute Pain?


It can be confusing to know when to seek out professional help for an orthopedic issue. Perhaps you suffer from a rolled ankle after taking a dog for a walk, or you are a former athlete who lives with general soreness throughout your everyday life. Though these types of injuries are different, they often share a similar element: both people want to...

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