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Bone Health Clinic: New For You at MCO

McLean County Orthopedics is a comprehensive orthopedic facility that treats a variety of bone injuries and fractures, but now we're offering even more! We are excited to provide preventative and proactive support to the community through our new Bone Health Clinic.

Our clinic offers screenings and treatment options for osteoporosis, as well as inclusive bone health monitoring that will educate you about injury prevention and improve your quality of life. Our trained specialists and facility's enhanced technological features will provide you with the best possible experience.

During your first visit to the Bone Health Clinic, you will receive a health history and status questionnaire and a quick scan through our state-of-the-art DEXA Scanner. This scanning process, also referred to as "Bone Densitometry," is considered the most accurate bone evaluation and diagnosing tool used today. This safe, non-evasive procedure is ideal for patients of all kinds. After your scan is complete, our team of medical experts will analyze your customized reports and use this data to formulate the best preventative and treatment options for your individual needs.

Bone health evaluations and osteoporosis screenings are significant for monitoring your overall health. MCO wants you to be the healthiest you possible! Interested in learning more? Visit us online or call us at 309-663-6461 today for more information. 

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