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Achieve Your Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss Goals With the Body Composition Program

MCO is excited to offer community members additional support in achieving their health, fitness, and weight loss goals through the introduction of our Body Composition Program!

Your journey with the program begins with our specialized medical team gathering and analyzing data on your body's unique makeup. This information will be gathered through metabolic testing and our state-of-the-art Dexa scanner. Both methods are safe, quick, and non-invasive and will give our team the reports need to analyze your body's composition.

This data will be used to determine the percentages of your body that are bone, muscle, and fat and will assist our team in creating a unique exercise prescription, designed to maximize fat loss and muscle gain, and make sure your workout is as productive as possible.

Our program contains various packages, designed to give you the exact level of support that you desire. Every plan contains DEXA and Metabolic testing; however, additional features can include: a fitness membership, dietary support, and access to a motivational health therapist.

Ready to take back control of your fitness and health? Learn more online or call our Therapy Department today at (309) 662- 6567 to learn how MCO's Body Composition Program can change your life.

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