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7 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy

You may have just been referred to a physical therapist after an injury and you're thinking, "what exactly will this do for me?" When possible and appropriate, physicians often consider physical therapy as the first course of treatment, as it is the least intrusive, low-risk treatment option that can provide an array of health benefits for people of all ages.

1. Pain Management
Consistent performance of the exercises and techniques used in physical therapy can help restore joint and muscle function and mobility, reducing and sometimes even eliminating pain.

2. Avoid Surgery
In some cases, physical therapy can actually restore damaged tissues, ease pain, and enable mobility, erasing the need for surgery altogether.

3. Prevent Injuries
PT is designed to strengthen weak areas of the body, which can help in avoiding a future injury.

4. Maximize Movement
Therapeutic exercises such as endurance, strengthening, flexibility, and balancing/coordination can help reestablish mobility, making it easier for patients to participate in activities that may have become difficult due to their condition.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Function
With the help of a physical therapist, you can receive a customized exercise plan consisting of aerobic and strengthening exercises that can help improve your overall cardiovascular health.

6. Avoid Dependence on Pain Medication
When a patient undergoes surgery, there can sometimes be long-term pain that requires ongoing medication (often opioids). PT provides a safer alternative and can reduce patient risk of becoming dependent on their medication.

7. Manage Other Health Issues
Physical therapy can assist in the recovery process from health problems such as stroke and cardiac and lung rehabilitation, as well as the management of diabetes.

MCO's Physical Therapy Department is McLean County's choice for all physical therapy needs! Our highly skilled physical therapists can help treat your back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sprains, fractures and more. We promise to be with you every step of the way on your journey back to independence! Call us today to learn more about how we can help. 309-663-6461 

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