With warmer temperatures and schools out of session, Central Illinois sports lovers are bound to be playing their favorite games. Unfortunately, with strenuous exercise comes the risk for orthopedic injuries. Here are sports injuries most commonly seen throughout the summer months:

1. Knee Injuries

Cycling and running are both enjoyable and beneficial cardiovascular activities; however, they can also cause knee discomfort and injury. Patellar tendinitis (inflammation of the kneecap) and patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as "runner's knee," are frequent injuries experienced by participants of these sports.

2. Neck & Back Injuries

Sports like water skiing and tubing are fun ways to cool off during the summer, but they can also cause neck and back injuries such as whiplash, sprains and strains in the neck and back, and in more severe cases, fractures and herniated discs.

3. Elbow & Shoulder Injuries

Summer sports like baseball/softball, tennis, and golf involve repeated use of the elbow and shoulders. Pitching, serving, and hitting movements put intense stress on the tendons of the elbows and shoulders, which can cause pain and swelling. Elbow and shoulder tendinitis is commonly seen among tennis players and golfers, while ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) elbow injuries and rotator cuff shoulder injuries often occur in baseball and softball players as a result of repetitive overhead arm movements.

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